Did you know that 36% of Americans don’t go to the dentist at least once per year? How long has it been since your last visit to the dentist office? 

We get it. It’s hard to find a new dentist. Whether your old dentist retired or you’ve moved somewhere new, you have to start over and choose a dentist that you trust! How do you even start?

We’re here to talk about how you can find your ideal Versailles family dentistry practice to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Read on to learn more. 

Ask Around

Remember that one of your best resources is always going to be your local community. Use the people around you to help you find your ideal dentist in Versailles.

If you’re new to the area, this might be complicated. Ask people that you work with or attend some kind of community activity with. Neighbors are also great resources.

If you have a child, you can ask other parents. This is a great way to bond with parents at your child’s school, and many parents have strong opinions about their family dentists! They’re sure to lead you in the right direction (or at least give you some ideas).

Read Online Reviews

So what if you don’t have a network of people who can help you find a local family dentistry practice? No problem. The internet has made it easier than ever to find reliable and trustworthy healthcare professionals in Versailles.

When you google “dentists in Versailles,” you’re sure to see a long list of local dentistry offices! Now it’s time to parse through them and find the right one for you.

One of the quickest ways to narrow down your options quickly (so you can do a deep-dive later) is to read online reviews from other current or previous patients. It’s like getting “word-of-mouth” recommendations, but without the need to actually know anyone who visited that particular dentist.

Look for dental practices with high star ratings. You want to stay in the four to five-star range. 

Even if the dentist has a high star rating, don’t forget to read a few individual reviews. These will tell you specific things that patients liked (or disliked) about dentists, which will help you decide if that dentist is right for you. 

Make sure that you look for reviews that are applicable to your situation. For example, if someone was unhappy with a dentist’s dental implant work but overjoyed with everything else, that one “negative” part of the review only applies to you if you want dental implants.

Reviews are a fantastic resource, so don’t skip this step!

Look for Specific Services

Not all family dentists offer the same services. When you choose a Versailles family dentistry practice, make sure that it can offer you everything that you’re looking for so you don’t have to hop around between dentists for specific services. 

Sure, all good dentists should offer things like teeth cleaning and basic restorative dentistry, but why stop there if you have extra needs? 

For example, do you have a child? You want to find dentists that offer pediatric dentistry options (from dentists who have plenty of experience in the field). 

Maybe you want to improve the aesthetics of your smile without having to seek out a separate cosmetic dentist. You’ll want to ensure that the dentistry practice that you choose already has cosmetic dentists working there. 

There’s nothing wrong with having to visit multiple dentists to meet your needs, but wouldn’t it be more convenient if you can get all of your dentistry needs taken care of in one place? 

Check Insurance and Payment Options

It’s no secret that great dental care can be expensive. Make sure that you evaluate the practice’s insurance and payment options before committing so you know that you can fit dental care into your budget!

Some dental offices offer payment plans for people with or without insurance. They may also offer programs similar to “loyalty programs” where patients can receive services for special rates if they’re uninsured. 

This isn’t always true, however, so be sure to speak with representatives from the practice if you’re unsure.

If you have dental insurance, ask the representatives from the practice if they take your insurance company. If you’re still unsure, reach out to your insurance company directly.

Prioritize Accessibility 

You want to make sure that your new Versailles family dentist is going to be accessible when you need them. After all, even the best dentist around won’t be helpful if you’re never able to access their care.

First, check their hours. Do they have appointment slots available at times that you’re able to make, or do they all conflict with your schedule?

You should also consider the location of the practice. You want to make sure that you’re able to get to all of your appointments on time (especially if you need to take time out of work or school to go). 

If you take public transportation, are there stops near enough to the dentist’s office to make it easy for you to get there?

If you drive, is the office within a reasonable driving distance? This doesn’t mean that it has to be close to home. It can also be close to work or school (which is sometimes better). 

Find the Perfect Versailles Family Dentistry Practice for You

Use these tips to start (and hopefully end) your search for the ideal Versailles family dentistry practice for you and your household. If you want a shiny, healthy, and clean smile, you deserve the best of the best!

If you’re looking for a brand new dentist in Versailles, KY, we want to meet you! We offer general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry procedures, and more. Call us at (859) 873-4451 to set up an appointment today.